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As a professional massage therapist, I know that one of the best methods for managing stress is to receive a massage. When you visit me at Masters of Massage in Colorado Springs, CO, I will deliver professional, traditional massage, relaxation, and healing therapies.

I provide many different types of massage. Most people are familiar with Swedish massage, which is designed to increase circulation and soothe nerves. A Swedish massage reduces recovery time after exercise and muscle strain.

I am an expert Myopractic® massage therapist. Myopractic® massage is a deep massage therapy that increases relaxation and range of motion. This type of massage is often used in chronic pain management. Myofascial massage is effective for releasing joint tightness and relieving body pain. Your neck and shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles all respond to this type of massage with increased range of motion.

A medical massage therapist treats a specific problem such as carpal tunnel syndrome or a rotator cuff injury. In addition to relaxation and stress-relief benefits, medical massage is an important part of an overall treatment program to relieve pain, illness, and injury.

Healing touch is a relaxing and nurturing therapy that helps relieve stress and balance physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental well-beings. For instance, one healing touch technique clears emotional trauma from your body. It is different from Reiki therapy, but I also provide craniosacral and Reiki therapies.

At Masters of Massage, I offer the most-effective, all-natural techniques to help you meet your goals for massage therapy. A massage therapist can improve your quality of life and help relieve tension in your body.

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